Limousine Service Shenzhen | exclusive Limousine Service in Shenzhen Limousine Service Shenzhen | exclusive Limousine Service in Shenzhen Limousine Service Shenzhen | exclusive Limousine Service in Shenzhen

Limousine Service Shenzhen | exclusive Limousine Service in Shenzhen

English Speaking Chauffeurs | German Management | 24/7 Availability in China

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Limousine Service Shenzhen

Book your limousine service Shenzhen through Hemmerling & Constantin. We offer you English speaking chauffeurs in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the Guangdong Province.

Constant personal contact persons in our office are available for you 24 hours a day in addition to our local partners, from the beginning of your request until the end of your order for any information, changes or cancellations.We are always available as an exclusive and reliable partner in all aspects for business customers, companies and foreign guests and offer the most diverse possibilities to get to know Shenzhen and its numerous attractions.

Through our local partners, we can provide on request experienced city guides in addition to our limousine service Shenzhen. Your personal contact persons in our office will also always ensure that your stay in Shenzhen will be as pleasant as possible.

Our limousine service offers the most current models of prominent international manufacturers to you. Each chauffeur has many years of experience and possesses the highest reliability and professionalism. All drivers are multilingual and well-trained. They are attentive and respectful travel companions at all times.

In China in addition to the limousine service Shenzhen, Hemmerling & Constantin is available for bookings in other cities too, such as Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

For information and bookings, our central reservations are available 24-hours, 365 days at our number +49-30-2014-30911.

Green Limo

Being one of the few companies in our industry, we implement our limousine service in a carbon neutral way and make sure to use fuel-efficient limousines. Furthermore, with your booking at Hemmerling & Constantin, you support selected usually regional projects of environmental organizations in China and contribute to the preservation of endangered landscapes and habitats of animals. Find out more about our program Green Limo.

Quick and Easy: Booking Limousine Service Shenzhen

With personal contacts in our offices and an international reservation system developed especially for our clients, reservations, changes or cancellations can be carried out for you simply and quickly.

Limousine Service for Corporate Clients

With our outstanding experience, we take on meetings, road shows and presentations as a skilled partner with our broad service portfolio, in addition to our Limousine Service Shenzhen. We provide support during fairs, congresses, meetings, film premieres or product launches and are always a competent partner in all ways.

Individual Limousine Service for Private and Business Clients

Hemmerling & Constantin´s limousine service not only offers business clients the possibility to use their time effectively or to prepare for their next meeting but also provides times of relaxation. We offer individually organized trips throughout Shenzhen with its various points of interest, culture and lifestyle especially to our foreign guests in different languages on specially arranged routes in Shenzhen and the surrounding countryside.

Shenzhen – The City and its Surroundings

Modern And Ancient, Explore And Manufacture!

Shenzhen is a beautiful and vibrant city, full of life for its residents and visitors. It is one of China’s Special Economic Zones, meaning that trade and business laws are different from the rest of the country, and that Shenzhen has received special dispensation from the Chinese government to encourage more free-market trade.

The weather in Shenzhen is typically warm and humid, with the winters being relatively dry. The average summer temperature is rarely above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with winter lows rarely falling below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. To say the weather is pleasant is an understatement. Cloud cover and fog can become quite dense at times, with around 50% of days showing truly cloud free and sunny days.

Originally a market town called Sham Chun Hui, Shenzhen was home to 30,000 residents as of 1980. The city has grown and prospered since that time, thanks to the generous SEZ designation by the government. As of 2015, Shenzhen boasts a citizenry of over 10 million people, with 18 million living within the metropolitan areas.

Tourists to Shenzhen will find an amazing array of tourist attractions, including Window of the World, the Xianhu Botanical Gardens and Minsk World. The city also boasts free admission to over twenty public city parks including Zhongshan Park, which was built in 1925 and is the oldest surviving public park in Shenzhen.

Zhongshan park is named in honor of Sun Zhongshan, considered by many to be the “Father of Modern China” and features a section of the city walls of Nantou, which date to 1394. For history buffs seeking to see Shenzhen’s history on display, there are few places that can compare with the beauty of Zhongshan park and its well preserved pieces of not only Shenzhen’s, but of China’s history. In addition to the historic city walls, visitors to the park will find a carving of Sun Zhongshan, which is said to be the largest of its kind.

When visitors see the architectural layout of Shenzhen for the first time, it is truly a breathtaking experience. Some of the largest public building projects in all of China are featured in the city, which boasts the tallest steel building in China, the Shun Hing Square, topping out at 1260 feet.

For visitors who are more inclined to the present and the future of Shenzhen than on reviewing its rich history, there are many industrial areas to be explored and to business in. Shenzhen is at the center of one of China’s largest manufacturing districts, and offers foreign business interests an oppurtunity to experience China’s growing manufacturing sector for themselves.

Several global businesses now see China as the source for many of their products, so a visit to Shenzhen is on the “to-do” list of most major corporations seeking to do business with or have products manufactured in China.

Discover with our limousine service Shenzhen and its surroundings and trust in our experience as an international partner for exclusive services.


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