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Green Limo ®

Being one of the leading international suppliers of exclusive limousine services, Hemmerling & Constantin is absolutely aware of its responsibility in regard of climate an environment.

For this reason we have made several arrangements to reduce our emissions, which arise from the administrative and operational activities of our offices. This first but most important step has led to a significant reduction of the environmental pollution by our company.

However, as we are not in the position to entirely avoid climate-damaging emission, we have looked for compensation possibilities for the remaining emissions and we have found them in the support of climate protection projects, which are certified according the Gold Standard.

Especially in the branch of limousine service, where we try to pay attention to possibly use fuel-efficient vehicles, there is still a considerable pollution to the environment. In the year 2010, in order to reduce the impact of these emissions, we have launched the project „Green Limo®“. With this program we not only compensate 100 per cent of emissions caused by driving with our limousines but we support by way of different ecology groups, furthermore in each case local projects, for conservation of endangered landscapes and habitats of animals.

Thanks to the bookings of our customers, we have been able to support several important projects, at which the CO2-balance-programm and the attention on organisations are effected exclusively from the earnings of our company. They are no optional additional entry and they do not have any influence on our pricing.

Also in the future Hemmerling & Constantin will pay attention to reduce their emissions corresponding the technical possibilities and to pollute our climate and environment as less as possible.


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